Saturday, February 16, 2013

I love VA.I had to make that clear.I am not sure about my feelings for the Graphic novel though.The cut out half the lipgloss scene :( .If you have read the books you know what I am talking about.The one where Dimka gives to Roza Victor's necklace and then a lip gloss he bought for her because the one she had was running empty.I love that scene!I made realise how sweet Dimka can be and how much he actually cares for her.The other thing I did not liked is they way the characters looked and especially Dimitri. Maybe it was because I had a different image in my mind or because they can not be drawed perfectly.The story prety much stays the same as I already ( and maybe you) knew. I still though turned every page eargerly waiting what was going to happen next.Only the most important events were transfered in this book and I was happy reliving it.It took me less than 1 to 2 hours to finish it and that made me think that the graphic novel is the best way someone can find to see what's going on with the VA books if he wants to see the movie but not read the books.