Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hot ticket by Olivia Cunning (Sinners on tour #3)

5/5 Stars (Read it and you will get why)

To love or to love this book?There is no question about it.Of course you wouldn't be reading or considering to this book if you didn't already liked the series.

Is 4rth in publishing order.In reading order H.T is the third book.40% of it actually happens the same time as the events ofRock Hard.Some things we read in Double Time and didn't make sense then make now like the bus accident and the tattoos on Brian and Tries asses.In case you don't think H.T deserves your time since you have read D.T. you are mistaken.You might know some things but some other are unknown and are expecting you to find out about them.

I think Jace and Eric are my favorite Sinners after H.T..I started seen Eric as a man and not as a boy as I did and I related to Jace and saw how he really is.Until now he kept a part of him as a secret because he doesn't feel like he belongs with the rest of the band.Also somehow Trey's feelings for Brian where more pointed out than any other book,even D.T..