Saturday, February 23, 2013

With strings attached by Kelly Jamieson

Pub.Date Jan. 22 2013
Rating 2/5 stars

One more book like that and I will start hating the book which contains threesomes in a romance novel!!!! I truly believe that and I hate to say it aloud.

A 2 star rating because:

A) The  plot wasn't good (It's better if you watch the movie No strings attached or Friends with Benefits).

I did not get what the author was trying to write about.3 people got together, 3 people got hurt and only 2 of them found their HEA. 1 was left hurt and alone to face his fears (name of the author) make a big mess. Unless she plans to write Dylan's story she has made a big fuck up. This is the story of 2 friends who have a no strings attached relationship and are completely satisfied with that get their lives complicated when Dylan arrives. Suddenly our couple realises that each has feelings for the other which is something I did not liked. Even though Matt is jealous he acts like nothing is bothering him and Corey doesn't realise her feelings about him until the end.They have no idea who they feel about the other until the last pages.It was kinda plotless.The book could be written with half the pages it has now and nothing could be missing.In fact it would be better.

B)The point of views were confusing.

Usually in a romance novel when we see different point of views are mostly of the people who will end up together.But here we have also Dylans POV and that was unsettling.He seemed liked a temporary thing but then we see his view.His catalytic role made him like him a little.Just a little.

C) It made me hate the threesomes in the book.

I love threeways you should know that.But not the ones when it gets in the way of a relationship. I like then when they happen between strangers, a couple which knows what they are getting into and when the 3 parts are in a relationship.But not like that.I ended up skipping the pages when Dylan, Corey and Matte were together.

Commitment by Margaret Ethridge

Pub. Date 22/1/2012
Rating 5/5 stars

"Maggie McCann, will you have my baby?"

I had been waiting to read this book for over a year.As soon as I got the chance to I read it and somehow the magic the book had got lost.I wasnt expecting a two person point of view even though in the end I found I welcomed it.

It was slow and fast at the same time. I know it doesnt make sence so I will explain.It was fast and easy meaning that I had not realised how the time had passed from the moment I started the book until I finish it.It was slow because Maggie dont say the words I want a baby until we have read about 40% of the book. In this case that's ok since Maggie and Tom did not know the other well even though the knew each other for 15 years and it would be a little weird if the decided to have a baby  together that way.So in that 40 % they develop a better relationship and learnt a few things for each other and the reader gets to know him better.
I liked the book.The characters, especially Fred, the story and everything about it.

So 5 stars for the playboy who tries to convince the girl who knew prince charming doesnt exist and still wanted him to give a chance to him and find their Happily Ever After. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I love VA.I had to make that clear.I am not sure about my feelings for the Graphic novel though.The cut out half the lipgloss scene :( .If you have read the books you know what I am talking about.The one where Dimka gives to Roza Victor's necklace and then a lip gloss he bought for her because the one she had was running empty.I love that scene!I made realise how sweet Dimka can be and how much he actually cares for her.The other thing I did not liked is they way the characters looked and especially Dimitri. Maybe it was because I had a different image in my mind or because they can not be drawed perfectly.The story prety much stays the same as I already ( and maybe you) knew. I still though turned every page eargerly waiting what was going to happen next.Only the most important events were transfered in this book and I was happy reliving it.It took me less than 1 to 2 hours to finish it and that made me think that the graphic novel is the best way someone can find to see what's going on with the VA books if he wants to see the movie but not read the books.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hot ticket by Olivia Cunning (Sinners on tour #3)

5/5 Stars (Read it and you will get why)

To love or to love this book?There is no question about it.Of course you wouldn't be reading or considering to this book if you didn't already liked the series.

Is 4rth in publishing order.In reading order H.T is the third book.40% of it actually happens the same time as the events ofRock Hard.Some things we read in Double Time and didn't make sense then make now like the bus accident and the tattoos on Brian and Tries asses.In case you don't think H.T deserves your time since you have read D.T. you are mistaken.You might know some things but some other are unknown and are expecting you to find out about them.

I think Jace and Eric are my favorite Sinners after H.T..I started seen Eric as a man and not as a boy as I did and I related to Jace and saw how he really is.Until now he kept a part of him as a secret because he doesn't feel like he belongs with the rest of the band.Also somehow Trey's feelings for Brian where more pointed out than any other book,even D.T..