Sunday, June 30, 2013

This man confessed (This Man #3) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Rating 5/5 stars
Pub. Date July 2 2013


The very place where their passionate love affair began, The Manor fills with guests on what should be the happiest day of Ava and Jesse’s lives. She has accepted that she’ll never tame the fierceness in Jesse, and she doesn't want to. Their love is profound, their connection powerful, but just when she thinks that she’s finally got beneath his guarded exterior, more questions arise which lead Ava to believe that Jesse Ward may not be the man she thinks he is. He knows too well how to take her to a place beyond ecstasy…but will he also drive her to the brink of despair?

It’s time for this man to confess.


‘Ava, My beautiful girl. He smiles mildly.‘All mine.’ Leaning up, he kisses me sweetly. ‘I don’t need to stand up and declare to everyone here how much I love you. I’m not interested in satisfying anyone of that. Except you. You’ve taken me completely, baby. You’ve swallowed me up and drowned me in your beauty and spirit. You know I can’t function without you. You’ve made my life as beautiful as you are. You’ve made me want to live a worthy existence—a life with you. All I need is you—to look at you; to listen to you; to feel you.’ He drops my hands and smoothes his palms over my thighs. ‘To love you.’
I’m ruined. My mum’s ruined. Everyone in the room is ruined. My teeth are clamped on my bottom lip to prevent a sob escaping, I’m choking on the lump in my throat and my eyes are welling with tears as I look down at Jesse’s handsome face.

‘I need you to let me do all of those things, Ava. I need you to let me look after you forever`

Another trilogy comes to an end. First I wasn`t sure if I liked or disliked the trilogy. Now I love it ( and FYI Jesse is #4 BBF on the list). It was a lot like the story in Fifty Shades Freed with the difference that Ava was behaving like Christian and Jesse like Anna.

Finally the mystery behind the pills is unraveled and I am sure many of you already knew what happened to them and why they kept disappearing. I would love to say more about the reason they were disappearing but I don`t want to spoil it for you. 

I will admit that in the beginning of this book I thought that Jesse was overreacting. But after learning all of Jesse's past I feel bad for having these thoughts about him. This man finally confesss his past and keeps nothing hidden. I wasn't expecting that and I liked the way Palmas delivered it. Some major changes happen towards the end and I have bittersweet feelings for them. I am glad that Jesse moved on but I felt as if he gave up a large part of himself and somehow he is not going to be the same Jessie we knew and loved.

The end is worth it. To cheer you up I will only spoil the epilogue and say that it is from Jesse's point of view!!!! Yeap! The Lord has blessed us with a sneak peak into his thoughts.

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