Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just One Day by Sharla Lovelace

Rating 4/5 stars
Pub. Date September 24th 2012

Fans of both contemporary romance and women's fiction will love this smart, witty, and beautiful novella from national bestseller Sharla Lovelace. If you like Susan Elizabeth Philips, Susan Mallery, or Sarah Addison Allen you're going to fall in love with this author.

She has nothing but time . . .

Twenty-four hours. That’s how long Andie Fremont has to say yes—or no. At forty-four with a daughter in college, she’s no young kitten with starry-eyed ideas of what love is. Still, when the man who is everything she should want pops the question with a ring he knows isn’t her style, during a party she didn’t want to have, Andie balks. Something tells her that it isn’t right. 

Looking to clear her head, Andie hits the Texas highway in search of an answer. And when she stumbles upon an old roadside diner she decides waffles might be it, at least for now. What she didn’t expect to find was Jesse Montgomery. The man who stole her heart and broke it all in one day, two decades earlier.

As a Texas-size storm takes shape outside, the electricity between Andie and Jesse builds inside. Suddenly Andie is faced with more than just yes or no. As the storm clears there are two men who will want answers.

My review:

I couldn't see the chemistry between Andie and Brad. Instead I felt a pull for a guy she had met 22 years ago (I swear I hadn't seen the synopsis because I had no internet). I am glad she made the right decision when the time came. It was more the obvious what she should do. 

I liked the story but I wanted an epilogue. I was left wanting more of Andie and Jesse. But that's not an option with short stories so I had to suffice to what I had. What I also liked it the way Andie's life changes in just one day.