Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Touch me (One night with Sole Regret #4) by Olivia Cunning

Rating 5/5 stars
Pub. Date April 19 2013

Touch me put my panties at twist. A bomb was dropped in the end. I had a bad feeling from some previous encoumter with one night with Sole Regret (I won't explain further so I won't spoil the book) turned out that it wasn't just a feeling. That was not something I had ever read in a book of Olivia Cunning and it scares the s*** out of me! I hope Tex is the guy and not someone from the band. But something familiar made me curious. Owen and Kelly have a bond similar to Brian and Trey's. Also Owen seems to /has feelings for kelly the same way Trey did for Brian and Kelly's reaction seems to be the same as the one Brian had. I really hoped for almost all the book to see Caitlyn, Owen and Kelly to have a scene together. It turned out that Touch me has more complications than expected and that made me like it more. The end left me feeling a little sick but I will get over it.