Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Elite by Kiera Cass

Rating 5/5 stars
Pub. Date 23/4/2013

I tried to remeber what I did not liked from The Elite. I felt a strong dislike somewhere in the middle but the end was mind blowing for me. I really did and nothing comes to my mind with one exception. Maxon and the way the girls. All the girls including America. But he is looking for a wife so his behaviour is understandable. Also in the first chapters they seemed like a sure thing but then they are not. Aspen for me could simply not exist in the book and America became more likeable to me as the book was processing.

The end left me expecting a lot from the third book and I am looking forward to see America trying to win. America and Aspen's relationship was almost through all the book the same as we had seen it in The Selection when he arrived at the palace. America and Maxon's though has ups and downs. First everything seemed so perfect and good but America's inability to choose forced Maxon to consider that he might have to choose another girl to be his wife. In the end I think the triangle is not a triangle anymore but America knows who she wants. I want to see a bada*s America (as bada*s someone can be in this genre) The rebels attacked more frequently which  leads me to think that in the end of the trilogy Illea might not have a king and Queen. (It's not spoiler, just a guess). As a team Maxon girl I would hate not to see him together with America.

After reading some reviews pre-release of the Elite I saw what some Selection readers wanted from the Elite I can say that Kiera Cass must have satisfied many of them because she included everything. 4 girls remain... Suggested title for book 3: The One or The choice.