Sunday, April 28, 2013

To Seek A Master: Black Lace Classics by Monica Belle

Rating 1/5 stars
Pub. Date April 11 2013

To seek a master is such a nice title, the cover also promises a lot. Too bad the inside is not as good. It's really awful. It took me a week to read a book that I can finish in less than 12 hours. And it's not because I was busy. It was so bad I could not make myself to read it. 1/3 of it is about the identity of the man who sends her the emails. If you read the synopsis you will know who he is but Belle must not know what to write since she took her time to reveal that is The Devil the one who sends the emails. That 1/3 was also the hottest part of the book. The rest of it to me felt as the beginning of their relationship when they still trying to learn the other and I did not felt a meaningful bond between them. Nothing huge happened and the rest 60% could be simply less or the same length with some twist or something. 

The devil is omega male and not alpha as the author wanted him to be and to me seemed that Laura was the boss even if he is the one that gives the orders. As for Laura I think she is the horniest person I have ever seen and I did not liked her personality. The book seemed more like porn book than anything else with all her fantasies.