Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Once Tempted (Silver Creek#1) by Laura Moore

4/5 stars
Pub. Date March 26 2013

The moment after I finished the book I thought this was a great one. Now after some time I think it was good but not great. It definitely made me want to read more books from Laura Moore and the next book(s) but it is not going to be added on my favorite books shelf anytime soon. The cowboys are a plus ;) The plot was unveiled in a nice way though I felt as if there was a gap between the time they did not like the other and the time they did. I think this is one of the book I would suggest somebody to read

Monday, March 25, 2013

Claim Me (Stark Trilogy #2) by J. Kenner

Rating 5/5 stars
Pub. Date April 23 2013

*ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review*

The amazingness of the trilogy continues in Claim me. I admit it was a tad slow first but after a while many things happened fast and by the last 20% I was screaming a little bit. Not because it was bad but because it was whiplash of a a series of events. They were a lots of what the fucks?? and NO! NO! NO!s but in the end a huge smile could been seen in my face. It's one of the books you could start reading and forget everything else.

Nikki and Damien's relationship is one of my favorites. Their bond is strong and steady, they don't do break ups and they would do anything for each other. It makes you wish you had a relationship like that. They face various difficulties and enemies but they stay together and solve their problems. Even the last challenge represented that drove them away for a while it wasn't enough to keep them apart. Damien isn't sharing much information but still  he doesn't hide much. Only the you don't really wanna know stuff. Nikki is if not the only one of the heroines I actually admire.She has guts. She is strong and doesn't give up easily. She has the demons from her past but she tries hard to deal with them.

I loved Claim me and there is no way I am going to miss  when it comes out. I will read it on July 30th which is it's pub. date and because the trilogy is worth your and mine time and money.

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) by C.J. Roberts

Rating: I LOVED IT!!

Did you though Captive in the Dark was messing with your head?Then you should read Seduced in the Darkto see that C.J. Roberts can mess up with your head even more.The book is going to fuck up your mind and you will be begging for more. 
That should be the description behind the book in my opinion.
The book is split in two parts.The present and what happened after the first book left us.Mostly what happened is from Caleb's POV and less from Olivia's
I though why don't you cheat and read the epilogue Sofia?Then you wont have to worry about what will happen.I was wrong.The epilogue seemed completely different from the story.The names were unknown at the time.
The beginning had me crying.Caleb is dead.That's the only thing that I remember from the first two chapters.Caleb is dead.
Agent Reed was a new addition and we saw his POV so I was worried that Livvie will end up with him or something.Thank God she didn't.
“It seemed to Caleb, the nature of human being revolved around one empirical truth: we want what we cannot have. For Eve, it was the fruit of the forbidden tree. For Caleb, it was Livvie.” 
Olivia and Caleb's relationship gets more complicated as the time to the auction comes closer and Olivia admits her feelings for him.To me it was like a twisted version of Romeo and Juliet and not the result of the Stockholm Syndrome.
So, that's it? You think I'm just some idiot that fell for your bullshit! Well you're wrong! I fell in love with you, Caleb. I fell in love with your sick sense of humor. I fell in love with the way you protected me. You saved my life!" - Livvie
During the book we learn a lot about Caleb's past,about his father,his mother,his birthday and real name.Some may see Caleb as a monster but I couldn't bring myself to do that.He is a victim.More than Olivia.He has been raised to become what he was.He didn't chose any of these things.And we see that he changes and sees what he has done.As the story process he becomes more human to me and I was sorry for what happened to him.The thing is that in real life something like that might happen.
After I finished this book I was way too down my brother saw me and ask why.I tried to explain to him the plot,why I love the story and to tell him everything about this book.As an outsider he said that it was weird and fucked up and stuff like that.Maybe that's what it seems to an outsider.But if you read the book you can see the connection between Olivia and Caleb.
The book is one of my favorites now even if it made me cry.

And now a few quotes:
“I've been doing this a long time- manipulating people to get my way. That's why you think you love me. Because I've broken you down and built you back up to believe it. It wasn't an accident. Once you leave this behind..... you'll see that. -Caleb”

“I love you, Caleb. I love you! If you care for me at all... please, don't do this! Please, don't leave me. I don't know how to live without you. Don't make me go back to trying to be someone I don't know how to be anymore. - Livvie” 

“That you could fix me? What's more, that I could fix you? Well, Sorry, pet, I don't want to be fixed. - Caleb”

“Once upon a time, Caleb held me captive in the dark, now he used it to seduce me.”

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Professor (The Professor Trilogy, #1) by Kelly Harper

4/5  stars

I never had so many theories on what might happen next in a book, especially on that sort. Ealy in this book I had a bunch of ideas for Dana, Ethan and Kayla. Most of them were right and that was a shock because they were not good. It also made me wonder whats Ethans age. Ethan thinks he is old for her but Kayla does not say a thing about age difference. Third but not least is the two point of views who are telling us the story. It is 90% Kayla's POV and 10% Ethan's POV. The weird part is the way the person says the story. In Kayla's say it goes like this "I went to the office"(it is not a line from the book just an example) and in Ethan's case it is like this "He made breakfast and after that he went to work". See what I mean?
Anyway I will read Betrayed ( book #2) because the trilogy seems promising.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Exposed, Just one night part 2 by Kyra Davis

Pub. Date March 18 2013
Rating 1/5 stars

Even though when I'm not with you,I'm inside of you. I can touch you with a thought

That's the light into the darkness. The light in Kasie's life. Dave has stolen her from Robert and Robert's words is what keeps her going on. I will leave the storyline aside and cut to the chase.

I am still thinking why I read this book and why/if I should read the next one. Heck I don't even know why I didn't stopped this book after a while. It was like I was living in a different universe. Dave turns out that he is not the proper villain, it's questionable whether Kasie has something between her ears or not and Robert has lost the little appeal he had to me. As if that wasn't enough the book was almost plotless and sometimes it got difficult for me to continue reading the story.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Surrender your love by J.C. Reed

4/5 stars
I received a copy from the author for a review and I thank her very much.

First I found it good than slow for a large part and about 10% from the end the story went from 0 to 60 in a blink .In the slow part I kept saying to myself that I don't like the book but I kept reading it.It turned out that it was worth.A few hours after finishing the book I must admit that I like it. I want to see what will happen next to Brooke and Jett.The end is a cliffhanger and damn! is a good one. I did not see that coming. I am hoping that I will get a copy for the next book. I will read it as soon as I can when it comes out.

It seems like the story is the same recipe we already know with the sexy millionaire but it's different at the same time. I can't help thinking Naked by Raine Miller when I have this book on my mind.

Jett is definitely not on my book boyfriend list. In the end I felt betrayed and hurt. I am expecting something good from him Conquer your love otherwise I will find a way to go inside the book and kill him myself. My lack of feelings for him worries me, since that usually doesn't happen. Maybe he will be like Ethan from TBA. As for Brooke I think I like her. She knows what she is getting into and I give her credit for that. I also give her credit for her reacting in the end. I actually felt sorry for her and I am hoping the best for her.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Date by Krista McGee

4/5 stars
Pub. Date Jan. 2012

Abby is a nice Christian girl who has to do something she doesn't want to when her high school is selected from a reality show to pick a girl who is going to have a chance to be the prom date of the son of the USA president.She doesn't want to go but after she is convinced that for some reason God chose her to go and has plans for her and that her going to there will help her school she kinda has no choice.She makes known that she doesn't want to be there and which has as effect to draw unwanted attention to her.But when she gets to know Jonathon better she realises that she likes him and while she is there she realises some things for herself too. 

The books is filled with God and everything you are going to hear in a church about him and what he has in store for us.First it was pretty annoying but later I didn't mind so much.Similar to F.D. is The Selection by Kiera Cass and it reminded me that in almost every page I turned.It has medium reviews.Some liked it some did not and I think its medium to good as a book.I haven't read any other books from the author but I would suggest to read the selection and not the First Date especially if you don't like books with hints of religion.

Like None Other by Caroline Linden

4/5 stars
Pub. Date  April 2011

This is a short story.I hadn't noticed the number of pages and I was a little surprised when I realised how short it is.I was expecting a 350-or so pages novel.But the story is sweet and they get their HEA almost like the way I love.I wanted a little heartache though, maybe if Phin hadn't gone after her at his dinner party it would be better, and after that a grand move from Phin to get her.

Untouched by Samantha Hunter

3.5/5 stars
Pub. Date Jan. 2007

3.5 starts because I rated with 5 for the creativity considering that is a Harlequin book and 2 stars because it's a Harlequin and you know before you open the book the plot meaning you know how is going to involve.

To be honest this is one of the few Harlequins that I actually liked and were interesting.This is the first blaze book I have read and I think I might read another one of two of the series hoping they are as good.Don't get me wrong the books isn't earth shattering good but it wasn't bad and deffinitely not the usual H. book.Yeah!It doesn't have any sex scenes either so I am going to be able to tell my mother about it when she complains that all H. books are the same without having any awkward moments.