Friday, March 15, 2013

Surrender your love by J.C. Reed

4/5 stars
I received a copy from the author for a review and I thank her very much.

First I found it good than slow for a large part and about 10% from the end the story went from 0 to 60 in a blink .In the slow part I kept saying to myself that I don't like the book but I kept reading it.It turned out that it was worth.A few hours after finishing the book I must admit that I like it. I want to see what will happen next to Brooke and Jett.The end is a cliffhanger and damn! is a good one. I did not see that coming. I am hoping that I will get a copy for the next book. I will read it as soon as I can when it comes out.

It seems like the story is the same recipe we already know with the sexy millionaire but it's different at the same time. I can't help thinking Naked by Raine Miller when I have this book on my mind.

Jett is definitely not on my book boyfriend list. In the end I felt betrayed and hurt. I am expecting something good from him Conquer your love otherwise I will find a way to go inside the book and kill him myself. My lack of feelings for him worries me, since that usually doesn't happen. Maybe he will be like Ethan from TBA. As for Brooke I think I like her. She knows what she is getting into and I give her credit for that. I also give her credit for her reacting in the end. I actually felt sorry for her and I am hoping the best for her.