Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Professor (The Professor Trilogy, #1) by Kelly Harper

4/5  stars

I never had so many theories on what might happen next in a book, especially on that sort. Ealy in this book I had a bunch of ideas for Dana, Ethan and Kayla. Most of them were right and that was a shock because they were not good. It also made me wonder whats Ethans age. Ethan thinks he is old for her but Kayla does not say a thing about age difference. Third but not least is the two point of views who are telling us the story. It is 90% Kayla's POV and 10% Ethan's POV. The weird part is the way the person says the story. In Kayla's say it goes like this "I went to the office"(it is not a line from the book just an example) and in Ethan's case it is like this "He made breakfast and after that he went to work". See what I mean?
Anyway I will read Betrayed ( book #2) because the trilogy seems promising.