Saturday, January 19, 2013

Release me by J. Kenner

5/5 stars
“Because now that I have you, I can’t stand the thought of ever losing you.”

Now thats what a call a book.Yeah it's our usual theme with the millionaire/billionaire man who has a past which is best to stay hidden from the heroines character or something you don't say to people and want it not to be known.The same applies here with Damien and Nikki.She has a past too.But for that kind of a book is was tame and I loved it for that.There wasn't drama in every scene which is refreshing.And Damien opens ups and talks about himself.Who many times have you seen that happening before?Little to none right?Not everything about him is revealed but still what I got is enough for now.Towards the end someone threatens Damien through Nikki but more about that on book 2.
Release Me is not so similar to 50 shades of Grey.Yeah some things are the same like the BDSM element but they are two completely different books and it's most likely to like this book more than 50SoG.