Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 reading Challenge book #1 Letters to a Young Mathematician by Ian Stewart (Review)

Pub. Date March 2006
Rating 3/5 stars

OK,I was out of my element here.My math teacher lend me the book and though it's recommended to high school students but I think if you're a high school student should really like maths and you read books about them then you should read this.I as mostly romance reader couldn't exactly follow the idea of the book because it's plotless.Stewart just talks about maths all by himself.It might had helped if Meg's letters were also inside the book since sometime he answered things to her that I did not knew she had asked.If you like maths you will find this book interesting.If you want to read about maths but you're a newbie I would suggest to start with another book before you read this.