Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge book #3 Clash (Crash #2) by Nicole Williams

4.5/5 Stars
Published September 2012

"Love is like a seed.You’ve got to plant it to grow. But that’s not all. You need to water it. The sun needs to shine just enough, but not too much. The roots have to take hold.And from there, if it pops its head above the surface, there are about a million things that could kill it, so it takes a whole lot of luck too.” 

4.5 stars for Clash only because Lucy didn't learn anything from her mistake in Crash.I would have rated with 4 but in the end she changes(and I hope it will last) and does a big gesture to winJude back.I always praise the evolution of a character.
Jude is the same Jude we saw in Crash.Not that is a bad thing.He is understanding and lets her go even though that breaks his heart and is more mature.

The story is more comlicated and has more agony.After high school Lucy goes to Julliard and Jude plays football.Of course he kicks asses and seems to have a bright future as a player.Adriana his Spirit Sister is a total bitch and tries to steal him.No matter what he says to Lucy she believes he is going to sleep with her and has her insecurities.What happens when Adriana has a plan to break them up that actualy might work?Will Lucy believe him or will she give them up without a fight?

Clash is one of the few books I cheered and did my happy dance when the couple had sex for the first time.It wasn't like I expected it to be but the way it happened was better.I loved the scene before the epilogue after she makes up her mind.Now I can safely say that the microphone confessions of love and the acceptance of their mistakes they make is a Jude and Lucy thing.In less than 12 hours I fell in love with the Crash duet (and soon trilogy).

2013 reading Challenge book #2 Crash (Crash, #1) by Nicole Williams

5/5 Stars
Pub. Date July 2012

Beautiful Disaster and Travis Maddox fans will like this one.It's not B.D. but similar.If you like B.D. is highly possible to like Crash too.Jude is a bad boy with criminal record (not that matters to me) and a womanizer.Just read the way he introduces himself:

“The name’s Jude Ryder,since I know you’re all but salivating like a rabid dog to know,and I don’t do girlfriends,relationships,flowers or regular phonecalls.If that works for you,I think we could work out something special.”

"That's why I didn't call. That's why I didn't show up on your doorstep the second i was released from juvy like i wanted to. I'm cancer Luce. And not the kind you can kill off with radiation. The kind that kills you in the end.

I think you got my point.I found it funny though.I don't like the way he talks about himself.He has proved that he is worth the time and the effort.I liked his second intro better.What do you think?

Hi,I’m Jude Ryder Jamieson.My mom left when I was thirteen. My dad’s serving alife sentence for killing a young kid.I spent the last five years in a boy's home being bullied,beat,and abused by the kids, the staff, and even the goddamn dog. I sold drugs. Idid drugs. I got arrested. A lot. I screwed a lot of faceless women.And then I met one whose face I couldn’t forget.I fell in love with her.I hurt her because I fell in love with her and was afraid she was going to leave me the way everyone else had.I still love her.I love you,Luce.And I’m sorry I ruined everything we had before I could admit it to you.Before I could admit it to myself. You didn’t make me abetter person, because no one can do that. You made mewant to be a better person. You believed in me and stuck upfor me.You cared for me when no one else would. Youmade me better, Luce. You’re right—one person can make a difference.One person can change another person’s whole world for the better.

Lucy is the girl next door type type of girl and the type who won't sit down and let you explain what happened, think of the worse and leave you.I say that before it pissed me off while I was reading the book and that behaviour caused a lot of trouble and heartache.

She wants Mr Right and falls in love with Jude Mr I don't do relationships.Their relationship is not easy but they try some more than the others.

“Caring for someone is scary because you both know how it feels to lose someone in the span of a heartbeat.But you can’t let fear dictate your life or else you’ll end up like me.Don’t live life hiding behind your past,live for right now. When you find someone you want tospend forever with, you don’t let them go, whether foreverturns out to be a day or a year or a hundred years.Don’t let the fearof losing them keep you from loving them.”

2013 reading Challenge book #1 Letters to a Young Mathematician by Ian Stewart (Review)

Pub. Date March 2006
Rating 3/5 stars

OK,I was out of my element here.My math teacher lend me the book and though it's recommended to high school students but I think if you're a high school student should really like maths and you read books about them then you should read this.I as mostly romance reader couldn't exactly follow the idea of the book because it's plotless.Stewart just talks about maths all by himself.It might had helped if Meg's letters were also inside the book since sometime he answered things to her that I did not knew she had asked.If you like maths you will find this book interesting.If you want to read about maths but you're a newbie I would suggest to start with another book before you read this.

Release me by J. Kenner

5/5 stars
“Because now that I have you, I can’t stand the thought of ever losing you.”

Now thats what a call a book.Yeah it's our usual theme with the millionaire/billionaire man who has a past which is best to stay hidden from the heroines character or something you don't say to people and want it not to be known.The same applies here with Damien and Nikki.She has a past too.But for that kind of a book is was tame and I loved it for that.There wasn't drama in every scene which is refreshing.And Damien opens ups and talks about himself.Who many times have you seen that happening before?Little to none right?Not everything about him is revealed but still what I got is enough for now.Towards the end someone threatens Damien through Nikki but more about that on book 2.
Release Me is not so similar to 50 shades of Grey.Yeah some things are the same like the BDSM element but they are two completely different books and it's most likely to like this book more than 50SoG.

Beneath this man (This man #2) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

5/5 stars
I finally understand him.
I’ve finally got beneath this man.

The puzzle behind Jesse is almost done or so I would like to think.After 70% of the book Jodi Ellen Malpas decided to drop the bombs one after another.We have a clearer view to Jesse's past and the reason he is the way he is with Ava.For example the "No alchool when you go out" commant.The reason behind that it was not what I wanted to hear.Jesse behaves in a certain way while is drunk and that made me hate him a little.But just like Ava did I won't give up on Jesse and hope for the best.

I would like to dedicate the next two paragraphs to Jesse's behaviour and Ava's birth control pills.

Jesse's behaviour:  Jesse is like Dr Jekyll and HydeWith Ava he is possessive,unreasonable and wants Ava to do as he pleases.With everyone else he seems to have an easy going, laid back nature.It drove me insane when every person said that he is laidback and how fun is to be around to Ava while she gets to have the Jesse we all know and love.What gave me hope though is the glimpses into the laid back Jesse that were there.
Now I hope we will see him more often than not.

Ava's birth control pills:The pills are something almost everyone asks about when it comes to this book.What happened to them?Why are they disappearing?I won't answer the questions but I will say that the answer is somewhere in this book. I guessed the reason they disappear but I still wonder why.Maybe it's what Ava thinks maybe it's something different.Who knows?

General thoughts: The characters are developing a little.Ava stops running as much as she did and Jesse has his moments of reason and let's Ava do as she pleases.I know I will probably be wrong about it but I have a feeling something big is going to happen between them and I don't like it.Better than This man with drama from the first page to almost the last one I think Beneath this man is worth given a chance to.

Is it similar to the one you have on me? Do they stop breathing for a few seconds every time they see me? Do they want to keep me in a glass box so nothing and no one can hurt me? ‘Do they think their life would be over if I wasn’t here?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Proposal (The Proposition, #2) by Katie Ashley

5/5 stars
Pre reading thought:Aidan you better made things right in this one or someone won't see the next dawn...

After reading the book:Aidan you are lucky and I won't kill you.Seriously I wasn't expecting all the things he did to get Emma back.He showed her how sweet and caring he is and that he is going to be there for her.Somehow I couldn't be mad at Aidan for cheating,which is not something I do usually,and I was hoping he was going to get her back with some grand gesture.But the grand gestures are not what Emma needs or gets.The small things Aidan does are the one that matter in the end.
And then Pesh comes into the scenery and is after Emma's heart.I am team Aidan and if I want to be honest the doctor is pretty good but I didn't liked him with Emma and let's just say that if he died somehow(see Grey's Anatomy)I wouldn't be unhappy or would give him a second thought.That was until he said the quote below and then mostly disappeared from Emma and Aidan's life.The quote made me like him a little and latter it helped when he did a favor to Emma.

“I want you to think about this for a minute? What would you rather have?Words that can be spoken lightly and thentaken back so easily,or would you rather actions?” 

There isn't a triangle in the book,just a hormonal woman who wants to protect her heart from breaking again and a safe choice coming into her life.Because Pesh is the safe choise the one that wouldn't threaten her heart and Aidan is the unsafe one.What guarantees her that he won't hurt her again?So I can't or you really blaming her for trying something with Pesh.
What I can blame her sort of is not appreciating what Aidan did to win her over and brushing it of nothing while she was at his place and he was taking care of her.

The proposal anticipated by many is the end to Emma and Aidan's story.It had me worried for a second that the end would be different in some way and I was glad to see that that wasn't the case.

The review is also posted here: Goodreads review (<----- you can click on it)

Friday, January 4, 2013

A beautiful lie by T.E. Sivec

Rating: 5/5 stars
Publication Date: 


He saw her first, but his friend made the move.

She settled for the safer choice, but her heart knew the truth.

They love, they crave, they lie.

Garrett McCarthy, Annabelle Parker, and Milo Roberts were as close as friends could get. They shared in each other's joy during graduations, promotions, and engagements. They consoled one another through heartache and loss.

When one of the friend's life is tragically cut short, it's up to the two left behind to pick up the pieces and find out the truth - no matter the cost. As they slowly start to uncover the nature of his deception, and the very powerful people behind it, they begin to question everyone and everything, even themselves.

Everyone has secrets - some do it for love while others do it for power. Those secrets can change perceptions, alter reality and sometimes destroy lives.

What do you do when you find out your whole life has been a lie?


“It’s a beautiful lie.It’s the perfect denial.

Such a beautiful lie to believe in.” 

The reason I added this book on my TR list: If I want to be honest with you I will have to say this.The reason behind my anticipation over this book is the title.It immediately reminded me of the song of 30STM.And with the lyrics above the first chapter begins with.

Considering that during most of the book more and more lies unravel themselves I would say that the title fits. Annie and Garrett lie to themselves about their feelings for the other and compromise on a friendship.

“If you were mine, I would never be able to walk away from you. If you were mine, I’d worship every inch of your body with my hands, lips, and tongue. If you were mine, I wouldn’t be able to stand in the same room as you without running my hands over your skin and tasting your lips. If you were mine…” 

Annie and Garrett have been friends for eight years. When Milo Annie's fiancee and Garrett's best friend dies they have to move on and Garrett suspects that his death wasn't an accident he goes to the same mission he was to solve the puzzle about Milo's death. The moment Annie decides to be a part of that mission lies comes to surface and things between her and Garrett change.

But if you were given the chance to go back, to tell the truth instead of lie to save someone’s life and their feelings...would you?

A beautiful lie is 100% different from T.E. Sivec's previous books. There isn't any humor here but I couldn't stop reading it. It seems more .It was like reading an action movie with romance and not the other way. It was new to me and refreshing, a nice change after a while. This is a must read of 2013 if you ask me and probably most of the people who read it. You know what? Whatever I say about this book won't be enough. Yeah I will say that for 100 more books this year but this one is worth buying and you will have a great time reading it. If you don't like undercover missions and that kind of stuff don't read this.