Saturday, December 8, 2012

2013 Reading Challenge

I signed up here ---->  for a reading challenge in chose level Married with Children (41 to 50 books) which is piece of cake for me(at least until September of 2013).Some of the books I will read are the first 5 or so of the Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter,the Mountain Masters series by Cherise Sinclair and Sierra Cartwright,the wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater,eighty days yellow and the next 2 if they are published in Greece before the end of the challenge(The original version is being published in  2012 so I don't think that will affect my challenge).I also will try for a third time to read the sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice.I will post my review here for each book and I hope you will like them

Monday, November 19, 2012

Awsome giveaway
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Review of Double time by Olivia Cunning (Sinners on tour #5)

5/5 stars and recommented to anyone over 18.

What can I say about the cover?It's just WOW and it actually gives you an idea about what it waits for you on the inside.Olivia Cunning wrote another amazing story.Double Time supposed to be the fifth and final? book of the Sinners on Tour series but the publisher decided to publish it as the third book of the series.It was a mistake because it spoiled the other two books  (February 2013)and  (September 2013).You could have guess the end but still it's not very cool.The last chapter is like an epilogue for our Sinners and I am not sure I liked it I want more books with them!.Cunning also made a first introduction to Exodus End the next band she is going to write.I really liked this book and it difinately worthed the wait and the fact that I woke uo my neighbors because I was screaming from the excitement.Trey has a thing and I don't anyone could resist him.I know I didn't.But since I don't have a favorite Sinner(I want them all! and now) I don't think you can resist to any of them.

As for the story in this one I will say one thing HOLLY SHIT!!!!!!THAT WAS HOT.From word one and Trey has a M/M dream ;) with Brian!We already knew that Trey had some thing for Brian and he was bi but that was wow.Plus he has sex with a nurse against a wall in the hospital where se was to see...(I am not telling but it's for a really wonderful reason that he is there)He goes to his older brothers house(Dane) and there he meets Reagan a girl who can play just like Master Sinclair.Reagan has a bi roommate named Ethan.She doesn't know he is bi,she think he is gay and Trey is afraid to tell her what he really is in fear that she won't want him anymore.But on the cover there are two guys and only one girl so in the book there had to be 2 guys for Reagan.And there are some really hot threesomes.

As for the content:M/M, M/F/M, M/F yummy scenes,explicit language,oral and anal sex and toys plus a little bondage and BDSM stuff.POV:Trey,Reagan and Ethan.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Losing it by Cora Carmack

I was going to have sex. 
With a boy. 
A hot boy
A hot BRITISH boy. 
Or maybe I was going to throw up. 
What if I threw up on the hot British boy? 
What if I threw up on the hot British boy DURING SEX?

5 out of 5 stars.It's reccomended for adult people but I think it's more +16.

The synopsis of the book made me to want to read the book like a man who is dying from thirst wants water.What can I say?I am a sucker for this kind of setuations.

He stood and offered me his arm. “My lady?” 
“You don’t want to finish our drinks?” 
 He took my hand, and pressed his lips against the inside of my wrist. “I’m already intoxicated.”

Bliss decides that she does not want to be a virgin anymore and picks up a guy from the bar she went with Kelsey,her friend.While they are hot and heavy she freaks out and leaves him.In her apartment.Garrett except from be the guy Bliss decides that he is the one to take her virginity also happens to be her teacher and neighbor.First it's a little awkward but things change as the time passes.

"Professor I’m sex incarnate and could probably get you pregnant just by looking at you.Seriously, that first day when he spoke, I think his accent  alone nearly gave me an orgasm.” 

Garrett is hot.He has british accent,blond hair and blue eyes and I wish my teachers were like that.

“What? Just because I can’t have you right now, doesn’t mean I’m okay with him having you?"

Cade is Bliss's friend and secretly he has feelings for her.When he admits them his relationship with Bliss changes and that made is the only part I didn't liked in the book.I have seen before best friends falling in love with each other and I didn't want to see that here because I am i love with Garrett and I don't want to see him hurt.

Friendships fall apart.Some relationships just end.Like a star,they burn bright and brilliant,and then nothing in particular goes wrong,they just reach their end. They burn out.I couldn’t fathom my friendship with Cade being over. 

Bliss a control freak,she gets very nervous and overthinks things.The time she spends after meeting Garrett will change her a little and will make her see things a little bit different.

“Let me get this straight… you didn’t have a cat? Did you get a cat just so that you wouldn’t have to tell me you were a virgin?”

The title is very fit to the content of the book and the cover is nice.It was fun and I loved reading it.It has some beautiful quote(the phrases with bold) and here are some more:

“I just… I get what it’s like to want something,but to try and force yourself toreally believe that you don’t. It doesn’t even have to be about love. It’s about wanting something you can’t have or something you don’t think you deserve. Hell, we want the parts that our friends get, even though they’re our friends and we should be happy for them. We sit in the audience and think about how we would have done a role. We want what we can’t have. It’s human nature.” 

"Its not that 
I don’t like cats. And really, I think I would enjoy having… a cat. But what if I get a cat before I’m ready? What if I choose the wrong cat? Or what if I’m bad at it… being 
 a cat owner, I mean?”(she is not talking about cats,cats here)

And a song

No matter how close,you are always too far
My eyes are drawn everywhere you are
I’m tired of the way we both pretend
Tired of always wanting and never giving
I can feet it in my skin,see it in your grin
We are more. We always have been
Think of everything we’ve missed.
Every touch and every kiss. 
Because we both insist. 
Hold your breath and close your eyes
Distract yourself with other guys
It’s no surprise, your defeated sighs
Aren’t you tired of the lies
Think of everything we have missed
Every touch and every kiss. 
Because we both insist


No matter how close, you are always too far
 My eyes are drawn everywhere you are
I am done.I wont ignore
I wont pretend or resist
I want more

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Devoured by Emily Snow

I just finished Devoured by Emily Snow and I have to admit that this book was one of the best I have read that includes rock stars and famous people.

Sienna and Lucas got hot and heavy one day two years ago but they didn't exactly agreed on how they were going to proceed(Lucas is a little into BDSM and she isn't) and he kicked her out of his house.Today Sienna sees again Lucas in the court because he is the new owner of her grandmother's cabin/house.Lucas makes it hard for Sienna not to hate don't you think?She does a little but she can't stop feeling like she is melting everytime she sees him.Lucas wants Sienna so he proposes a deal to her.She will become his personal assistant for 10 days and he will give her grandmother's house back to her.
The plot was good and the story didn't have much drama so I don't think you will throw the book to the wall or cry for the money you lost.In the epilogue I thought Snow would surprise me and it would have the end I was expecting.I got a feeling in the second book we will get to see Sienna and Lucas again.I don't know if I want to read another book with them or just see them in the background.Not because I didn't like them but because usually in the second books the authors destroy the relationship between two characters.
The biggest surprise in the book for me was Kylie.I liked her a lot and I hope we will get to see her again.
I think you will like this book and I recomment it to you.

Miss Jensen
As promised, I’ve attached the training instructions. Look over them. Learn them. Don’t forget the deal you’re making.

Can’t say I’m not looking forward to the next several days. I’ve already got this vivid idea of how you’ll taste after you’ve said the words. How you’ll feel when I’m inside of you. Have you imagined it yet?


Friday, October 5, 2012

My first post

Hello.If someone sees this(I really doubt it)I would like to say Hi  :) .This is my first post on my blog and I plan to write more.I think it's going t be about books, movies,TV series and whatever I would like to say.
My name Sofia-loves-books says almost everything I want you to know about me :)