Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Devoured by Emily Snow

I just finished Devoured by Emily Snow and I have to admit that this book was one of the best I have read that includes rock stars and famous people.

Sienna and Lucas got hot and heavy one day two years ago but they didn't exactly agreed on how they were going to proceed(Lucas is a little into BDSM and she isn't) and he kicked her out of his house.Today Sienna sees again Lucas in the court because he is the new owner of her grandmother's cabin/house.Lucas makes it hard for Sienna not to hate don't you think?She does a little but she can't stop feeling like she is melting everytime she sees him.Lucas wants Sienna so he proposes a deal to her.She will become his personal assistant for 10 days and he will give her grandmother's house back to her.
The plot was good and the story didn't have much drama so I don't think you will throw the book to the wall or cry for the money you lost.In the epilogue I thought Snow would surprise me and it would have the end I was expecting.I got a feeling in the second book we will get to see Sienna and Lucas again.I don't know if I want to read another book with them or just see them in the background.Not because I didn't like them but because usually in the second books the authors destroy the relationship between two characters.
The biggest surprise in the book for me was Kylie.I liked her a lot and I hope we will get to see her again.
I think you will like this book and I recomment it to you.

Miss Jensen
As promised, I’ve attached the training instructions. Look over them. Learn them. Don’t forget the deal you’re making.

Can’t say I’m not looking forward to the next several days. I’ve already got this vivid idea of how you’ll taste after you’ve said the words. How you’ll feel when I’m inside of you. Have you imagined it yet?