Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Review of Double time by Olivia Cunning (Sinners on tour #5)

5/5 stars and recommented to anyone over 18.

What can I say about the cover?It's just WOW and it actually gives you an idea about what it waits for you on the inside.Olivia Cunning wrote another amazing story.Double Time supposed to be the fifth and final? book of the Sinners on Tour series but the publisher decided to publish it as the third book of the series.It was a mistake because it spoiled the other two books  (February 2013)and  (September 2013).You could have guess the end but still it's not very cool.The last chapter is like an epilogue for our Sinners and I am not sure I liked it I want more books with them!.Cunning also made a first introduction to Exodus End the next band she is going to write.I really liked this book and it difinately worthed the wait and the fact that I woke uo my neighbors because I was screaming from the excitement.Trey has a thing and I don't anyone could resist him.I know I didn't.But since I don't have a favorite Sinner(I want them all! and now) I don't think you can resist to any of them.

As for the story in this one I will say one thing HOLLY SHIT!!!!!!THAT WAS HOT.From word one and Trey has a M/M dream ;) with Brian!We already knew that Trey had some thing for Brian and he was bi but that was wow.Plus he has sex with a nurse against a wall in the hospital where se was to see...(I am not telling but it's for a really wonderful reason that he is there)He goes to his older brothers house(Dane) and there he meets Reagan a girl who can play just like Master Sinclair.Reagan has a bi roommate named Ethan.She doesn't know he is bi,she think he is gay and Trey is afraid to tell her what he really is in fear that she won't want him anymore.But on the cover there are two guys and only one girl so in the book there had to be 2 guys for Reagan.And there are some really hot threesomes.

As for the content:M/M, M/F/M, M/F yummy scenes,explicit language,oral and anal sex and toys plus a little bondage and BDSM stuff.POV:Trey,Reagan and Ethan.