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Blog tour: Wild Dreams (Wilder Irish, #12) by Mari Carr


Fate has another wild card in store for the three of them, one that will test everyone’s faith in their very different dreams for the future.

Wild Dreams, the all-new sizzling hot, menage romance in the Wilder Irish Saga from New York Times bestselling author Mari Carr is available now!

Dream big. Dream wild.

Oliver has always longed for a love just like his parents have—all three of them. He’s certain he’s already halfway to that happily ever after. His foster brother calls it wild, but Ollie knows they can find the woman of their dreams.

Gavin has always accepted that life is just one disappointment after another. Growing up in the foster system taught him that. Oliver is one of the few people he can trust, so he prefers they stay a two-man band.

Erin is a curvy, spunky brunette neither of them saw coming. But fate has another wild card in store for the three of them, one that will test everyone’s faith in their very different dreams for the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Wild Dreams is the 12th book in the Wilder Irish series by Mari Carr. Don't let that number scare you, the book can be read on its own. I'd strongly recommend reading every single book because so far, the series hasn't disappointed me.

I went in not knowing what the book is about and I was a little worried about the formation of the triad because there was some history between Oliver and Gavin. After finishing the book, I know that our characters needed to go as slow as they did because there was a lot of baggage on Gavin's part. Oliver and Erin had been dating for over a year, which is something that might have been a problem when Gavin was supposed to be added to the mix, but as I read more and more about these three, I realized that all of them were a throuple without knowing that they are a throuple. It was actually sweet.

The book is mostly about Gavin's development as a character and leaving behind the hurt from the past. That happens with the help of Erin and Oliver who already know what they want for their lives and work towards getting it. He made some decisions that I think more people should make IRL, which is something that has stuck with me since the moment I finished the story.

I don't have a single complaint when it comes to this book. It will go on my list for my top books of 2021. It had everything I want from a romance book with the addition of Oliver's grandfather. Erin was a great heroine and if she were a real person I would love to be her friend.

There was quite the teasing about Padraig and Emmy's story so I am looking extra forward to that one!

Dream wild, today!
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“Sometimes I wonder…” Erin said, pausing. She bit her lower lip, and Oliver got a sense she regretted what she’d just started to say. “Never mind.”
“You wonder what?” he pressed.
“I wonder if you and I had never met…if you and Gavin would have…”
Oliver sighed. There were no secrets between him and Erin. He’d fallen for her just as quickly as her roommate Jordan fell for her flavors of the month. Layla had introduced him to her cousin shortly after Erin had landed a nursing job at Johns Hopkins in the E.R., making the move from Philly to Baltimore. Oliver had taken one look at the curvy brunette with chocolate-brown eyes and known he’d met his soulmate.
Well…one of them.
Erin’s hot-blooded Italian mother had met and fallen madly in love with her hard-working and hard-playing Irish husband, and the result had been Erin Cafferty. Like him, she laughed loudly and often, spoke her mind, rarely flashed her fiery temper—but when she did, watch out—and once they’d committed to this relationship, she’d been all in, holding back nothing.
As such, she knew all about Ollie’s wild dreams, his desire to find a relationship just like that of his parents. Erin was as open-minded and adventurous as they came. Unlike the Moretti brothers, Erin had been quick to accept Layla’s relationship with both Finn and Miguel, confiding to him early on that she’d thought it was “very cool and totally hot,” and how she couldn’t imagine anything better than finding true love with not just one person but two. She’d told him she would be open to that kind of relationship if it was what he truly wanted.
If Oliver hadn’t already fallen for her before, that would have sealed the deal for him.
Erin had also heard all of Oliver’s “past lovers” stories, just as he’d heard hers, so she knew about his one night with Gavin and how it had ended. Why it had ended. Oliver had tried to convince her that he’d since come to realize that dream of a threesome relationship was just that…a dream.
But every now and then, like tonight, he’d slip up and reveal more than he should, and once more, she’d be left to wonder if she truly was enough. He hated doing that to her.
He’d let his dreams keep him and Gavin apart, so how could he expect her to believe the same wouldn’t hold true in their relationship? While he’d sworn to her that wouldn’t happen, it was clear she didn’t believe him.
“You know Gavin and I…” He started to say hooked up, but that felt too impersonal, especially given his feelings for Gavin.
“Slept together,” Erin finished when he stumbled. “I know that, but—”
“But nothing. It was just one time and we both knew afterwards that…it wasn’t enough. That something was missing.”
The truth was his night with Gavin had been fucking amazing. The only other lover he’d ever taken to bed who’d rocked his world like that was Erin. But Oliver had fucked it up when he’d misread the entire thing with Gavin, planning a future out loud for the two of them and some unknown woman.
“Nothing was missing in Gavin’s mind,” Erin softly reminded him.
He knew that. But it didn’t change the facts. “It wouldn’t work, Erin. I want a wife and babies.”
“And a husband. Gavin.”
Oliver hadn’t planned to add anything else to that list because he’d made that mistake once before. Lost someone he loved because his dreams were too big, too wild. But Erin wouldn’t let him lie. Not even to himself. Because she was right.
He didn’t just want a wife.
He wanted it all.

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Virginia native Mari Carr is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance novels. With over one million copies of her books sold, Mari was the winner of the Romance Writers of America’s Passionate Plume award for her novella, Erotic Research. She has over a hundred published works, including her popular Wild Irish and Compass books, along with the Trinity Masters series she writes with Lila Dubois.

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