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Marrying the Wrong Earl: Lords and Ladies in Love #2 by Callie Hutton

She didn't want to marry anyone, let alone the wrong one.  

Lords and Ladies in Love #2
Callie Hutton
Releasing April 17th, 2017
Entangled Scandalous

Lady Arabella Danvers is happy with her life just the way it is. She is free to be herself and take care of broken and abandoned animals. Her mother is desperate for her to marry, and has decided to take things into her own hands. There is just one little problem with her plan.

Nash, the Earl of Clarendon has determined it is time to take a wife. He has selected a woman to whom he intends to propose. However, the annoying Lady Arabella has stumbled into his life at the wrong time, and in the wrong place.

But he of all people should know if Lady Arabella is involved, plans will go awry.


Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

What should one do when they are not convinced that the heroine is truly in love with the hero? I feel like Arabella fell in love with Nash, because the book was ending and since this is supposed to be a romance novel, the main characters had to fall for each other. It took me 3 weeks to finish the book because I couldn't stand the characters.

Arabella was too open minded and independent for a woman who is supposed to live 200 years ago. If she lived in the modern era she would have been a feminazi. When the readers ask for a strong female character this isn't what they have in mind. In the end, Arabella comes off as a snobbish person who thinks that everyone else is beneath her especially the male characters. I have read books with heroines stronger in a sense than her, independent and willing to be free from their current station who are by far more developed and the reader falls for them. 

Nash is also a unlovable character, but for me, he had more redeeming qualities. He wasn't the one who in one chapter though he could never even care for the other person an,d in the next chapter admits his undying love. He acted more like the way I think men were acting at the time, rather than the way a hero in a romance novel would do. He was always forbidding Arabella to do something, but I also don't believe that she ever tried to make him see her point. Arabella operated on animals in their library for the love of God. Nash was a jerk about it, but Arabella thought she could do whatever she wanted to. It was like she hadn't realized that her circumstances had changed and kept on living her life as a woman with no responsibilities other than caring for the animals.

I don't think there is anything else to say. The big obstacle in this book is the two main characters. If someone can find a way to like them, then they might enjoy the book. Unfortunately, for me, I was dreading to read it.


Clarendon’s dark blond curly hair hung a bit more over the back of his cravat than was fashionable, but it suited him well. It appeared his valet had attempted to tame the curls but a few stubborn locks had sprung free and brushed his broad forehead. An aristocratic nose and full lips left no doubt he was descended from generations of nobility. His crystal blue eyes bore into her as he released her hand when they joined the line. They stood across from each other as the music began. He bowed, she curtsied, and they came together. She would be the bigger of them, and clear the air. “I do wish to apologize for the trouble I caused you today, my lord.”

They switched places. “’Tis nothing, I assure you.” He extended his hand, and they moved together with the other dancers for a few steps.

“I disagree, my lord. You ended up muddy, with your clothes torn.”

His jaw flexed as they moved around each other and joined the line of dancers again. “Of course, you disagree, but I assure you, my lady, ’twas nothing.”

As they weaved in and out of the other dancers, she mumbled, “What do you mean ‘of course I disagree,’ and why cannot you accept an apology freely given? Are you always so disagreeable, then?”

They joined hands once more. “Perhaps because I do not wish to be reminded of the incident.”

Separating, they moved around each other, dipping with the music. “I believe you are merely being stubborn.”

Nash closed his eyes. “And I believe you are being stubborn.”

“I am not being stubborn. I simply want to extend my apologies for the mishap this afternoon.”

They joined hands again and moved in a circle. “Fine. Your apology is accepted.”

Another couple switched places with them, eyeing them with curiosity. “There, now. Was that so very hard?”

“My dear lady, do you wish to dance, or converse?”

They stepped forward, hand-in-hand to the head of the line. “Can we not do both?”

“Perhaps I lose count if I talk and dance.”

Her eyebrows rose and she offered a tight grin. “Cannot do two things at once, my lord? Is that why you had such a difficult time rescuing a poor cat?”

Nash came to an abrupt halt, causing the couple behind them to stumble. “I did not have a difficult time of it.” He bent close to her ear and murmured. “Furthermore, I am finished with this conversation.”

Callie Hutton, the USA Today bestselling author of The Elusive Wife writes both Regency and western historical romance, with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs and her top cheerleader husband of many years. Her family also includes her daughter, son, and daughter-in-law, and twin grandsons “The Twinadoes.”  

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