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Release Blitz: Caramel Beach by Audrey O'Connor

In Audrey O’Connor’s steamy, stormy follow-up novella to Lessons in Pure Life, Diego and Lia reunite after weeks apart for dance-floor revelations, midnight confessions, and a run-in with the law. Fans of Karina Halle's Racing the Sun won't want to miss this exciting new release published by Tryst Books!

About Caramel Beach:

Caramel Beach
Author: Audrey O’Connor
Publisher: Tryst Books
Series: Lessons in Pure Life #2
Release Date: February 27, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Series Romance

In Audrey O’Connor’s steamy, stormy follow-up novella to Lessons in Pure Life, sun-soaked days melt into restless nights for Diego and Lia, kept apart for weeks by long hours and miles of coastline. When an A-list wedding reunites them in Caramel Beach, the tension is higher than ever.

Over the course of an electric twenty-four hours filled with sugar, sex, and magic, the couple faces their share of personal demons, angels, and unlikely prophets. While Diego confronts his problems with the help of a surf champ and a bottle of whiskey, Lia stumbles into a bathroom-stall seduction and possibilities she never knew existed. Amid the chaos, Lia and Diego try to reconnect. What comes after is a life-altering odyssey into uncharted territory.

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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

*The review contains some adult content* 

I liked Caramel beach more than I liked Life lessons in pure life. Unfortunately, though, that doesn't mean much since I still wasn't blown away with the story. Some things about this story were cringe worthy. When I read about the bride's habits in her bed and read about her kissing Lia twice I got my wtf face on. I would love to know how and why the author came up with that stuff. I decided to include a few sentences where that could sum up the dafukness of what I read. "Diego swipes his hand over his thigh, washing away his sperm like it's nothing. Millions of tiny Diegos swimming free. They'll probably burrow into the ocean floor and evolve into a super-race of mermen or something" Please tell why would a grown woman would think like that. I am starting to believe that she was on drugs the whole. Am I supposed to take that book seriously after that? Or should I consider it like a failed attempt to make a little humor?

I wasn't satisfied with the way things ended. Diego and Lia's story didn't seem to have a conclusion in this book and I think that another book will be on the way. The writing style still bugged me. It's the same as it was in the first book. At least the characters had some time to develop (or in Lia's case under development). This series/duet wasn't for me. It took me way too long to finish two books will less than 500 pages combined. I found myself doing stuff in order to get out of reading the book. Maybe you will like it more, but Caramel beach wasn't my cup of tea.


We meander back to the hostel in the wet sand, the surf to our left. The moon is full and bright, bouncing off the gentle waves that roll into the bay.

My first few months in Costa Rica were rich with the exhilaration of my new environment. I landed in the lap of a whole new life, just like that. After working all month in Pacifica without him, being with Diego again sends those early memories bobbing up to the surface. He’s got this sharp energy beneath the layers and layers that make up a man. Intimidation is what he inspires, followed closely by strange physical sensations that spell your undoing. He triggers an energy in me that could tear the hood off a car. And I’m sure as hell not on flakka.

He slides his arm around my waist like he can hear me. We walk a few steps before he stops and turns to face me.

I wouldn’t hate it if you’d let me hold you.”

The waves crash endlessly behind us, a soaking wet heartbeat. I’m still strung up in his words when he closes the empty space between us.

You’re on fire,” he tells me, hands making a ring behind my back so we’re suspended in some kind of stained glass embrace.

Hey, thanks.”

You sure know how to put yourself together, gringa.”


I’m not the only one.”

He sighs and I wait patiently. Indecision slows his expression, crystalizing in his delay.

Whatever it is goes away.

Did you enjoy your time, you know, without me distracting you?” he asks.

It was busy, but we got a lot done at the new school. I can’t complain.”

I wish you would.” He pulls me in closer.

That one gets me. His slow kiss disappears everything around me before I’m even sure it’s happening. Lips softer than I remember, the light scrape of his chin on mine. A rugged feeling so welcome it can stay for dessert.

You’re trouble,” he breathes.

The best kind of it,” I reply.

There’s nothing I can do about it, is there?”

I doubt it.”

Bowing his head, he lowers his eyelids.

I forgot what this is like,” he laughs tiredly, rubbing his cheek with his hand. “You still take me by surprise.” He tilts his head, considering me tenderly but wincing, like it hurts to admit it.

Watch and see my defenses lower to unprecedented depths.

I press against him, not sure whether I’m teasing him or me. His palm is warm on the back of my leg.

How’d you get your skin so soft, anyway?” he whispers, stroking my thigh gently until it evolves into a grasp, the tips of his fingers pushing into my flesh.


It’s working.”

I laugh, breathless. “So what do you wanna do?”

Right now?”

I nod.

He pulls me in by the bottom with both hands. “Get to know you all over again.”

Copyright © 2017 by Audrey O’Connor

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About Lessons in Pure Life:

Title: Lessons in Pure Life
Author: Audrey O’Connor
Publisher: Tryst Books
Series: Lessons in Pure Life #1
Date Released: January 15, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Series Romance

Freshly minted grad Emilia Noble arrives in Costa Rica to teach English in the tropical community of Pacifica. Its carefree, pura vida lifestyle is a welcome contrast to her dark and wintry origins. Tossing caution aside like an old winter coat, she plunges headfirst into an exotic cocktail of sensory pleasure.

Diego is a local whose surfer body and cool detachment make Lia buzz with a long-lost thrill. Fascinated by her new environment, she can’t help but wonder about the moody inner workings of the boy with triceps like Wolverine and a grimace to match.

Diego seems to have no problem ignoring Lia, though. Caught up in his family’s conflicted attitude toward foreigners, he notices her only when it’s convenient. But as Lia thrives in her new surroundings, Diego might just find reason enough to defy his embattled, insular father. When north and south are mixed together, the results are intoxicating.

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Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

I will begin this review stating that the only reason I finished this book is a) because I had to review it and b) because I had to read the second book in the series, which will be a novella that follows Diego and Lia. I wasn't able to get into the story while reading the first chapters, so I found it difficult to read the rest of the book. The first couple of chapters felt off to me and the author's writing wasn't something I was used to. It felt cold and sterile. It took me way too long to finish the book because of that. I felt as if the wrong things were pointed out while the ones that mattered didn't. Just when I started getting into the story the book ended. And I can't say that I was disappointed. I wasn't able to develop a connection with the book, so I cannot say anything positive about it. I am not sure if it was mentioned, but how is Lia teaching English to people whose native language is Spanish when she doesn't know the language? Did I miss that? Can someone tell me what I missed? Also, when Diego stopped being the douche and became a love interest for Lia? I missed that transition too. I hope you will like the book more than I did.

About Audrey O’Connor:

Audrey O’Connor is inspired by art, science, compassion, and rare moments of transcendence. She writes in Chelsea, Quebec, and enjoys river swims, woodsy gatherings, live music in Wakefield, and a deep, dark cabernet sauvignon.

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