Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review: Ready Set Rogue (A Studies in Scandal #1) by Manda Collins

Publication Date: January 3 2017

by Manda Collins

From the bestselling author of The Lords of Anarchy series, comes the exciting first installment of Manda Collins’ new Studies in Scandal series: READY SET ROGUE (St. Martin’s Paperbacks; January 3, 2017; $7.99; 978-1-250-10986-6). Collins is back in the Regency era with a passionate, yet unexpected romance that comes in the wake of a thrilling murder mystery.

When scholarly Miss Ivy Wareham receives word that she’s one of four young ladies who have inherited Lady Celeste Beauchamp’s estate with a magnificent private library, she packs her trunks straightaway. Unfortunately, Lady Celeste’s nephew, the rakish Quill Beauchamp, Marquess of Kerr, is determined to interrupt her studies one way or another...

Bequeathing Beauchamp House to four bluestockings—no matter how lovely they are to look at—is a travesty, and Quill simply won’t have it. But Lady Celeste’s death is not quite as straightforward as it first seemed…and if Quill hopes to solve the mystery behind her demise, he’ll need Ivy’s help. Along the way, he is surprised to learn that bookish Ivy stirs a passion and longing that he has never known. This rogue believes he’s finally met his match—but can Quill convince clever, skeptical Ivy that his love is no fiction?

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"Sterling character development, graceful writing, and an impeccably detailed historical setting power the third installment in Collins’ Regency Lords of Anarchy series to its cleverly conceived conclusion." —Booklist on GOOD DUKES WEAR BLACK

"Expertly crafted characters and a fast-paced plot...Collins craftily combines sensuous romance with a touch of suspense, creating a delightful novel that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment." —Publishers Weekly on GOOD EARL GONE BAD

"Warmth, wit, wicked sensuality, and an intriguing whodunit take this story over the top." —Romance Junkies on A GOOD RAKE IS HARD TO FIND

"With her distinctive voice and keen knowledge of the Regency era, Collins adds another novel to her Lords of Anarchy series...a sensual and compelling read." - RT Book Reviews on GOOD DUKES WEAR BLACK


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Manda Collins is a safe author for me. I know she won't disappoint me. I am happy to announce that this spree is still going on. This book is another winner for me. I liked all the aspects of the story. The romance was good, even if the relationship between the two main characters started on the wrong foot. I got were Quill was coming from, but I agree with his aunt. This book sets up the stories for the other three bluestockings and Daphne is next. I can't tell you how excited I am when I think of reading her story. Both Daphne and the duke teased the reader about what was going on between them, but the good thing will come when the next book releases, which hopefully will be soon. The title of their book (A Duke with Benefits) made me think that Daphne will get what she wanted. 

I must admit that my favorite bluestocking is Daphne because she was no filter and she is saying exactly what she thinks. I wonder if aunt Celeste left a letter for all the bluestockings and not only one for Ivy. It will be very cool if aunt Celeste had managed to do some matchmaking from the grave.

The suspense aspect of the book was good. I was wondering who the killer might be and I didn't see it coming. A couple of twists made the story even better. The romance and the mystery were well balanced and they made a good combination in this story. The secondary characters didn't steal the spotlight from the main couple, but they added to their story. I will happily read their books. Each of them has a colorful and unique personality and together they make a great team. I wouldn't change a thing in this book. Besides the stories of the bluestockings I would also love to read Serena's.

AUTHOR BIO: Manda Collins is the author of The Lords of Anarchy series, which includes Good Earl Gone Bad and A Good Rake is Hard to Find, as well as several other Regency-set romances. She
spent her teen years wishing she’d been born a couple of centuries earlier, preferably in the English countryside. Time travel being what it is, she resigned herself to life with electricity and indoor plumbing, and read lots of books. When she’s not writing, she’s helping other people use books, as an academic librarian.

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