Friday, November 18, 2016

A date at the altar (Marrying the Duke #3) by Cathy Maxwell

Twice he has been close to the altar and still no duchess.

Marrying the Duke #3
Cathy Maxwell
Released Oct 25th, 2016

New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell’s glittering Marrying the Duke series continues—Twice he has been close to the altar and still no duchess.

Will the third time be the charm? A duke can’t marry just anyone. His wife must be of good family, be fertile, be young. Struggling playwright Sarah Pettijohn is absolutely the last woman Gavin Whitridge, Duke of Baynton, would ever fall in love with.

She is an actress, born on the wrong side of the blanket, and always challenges his ducal authority. She never hesitates to tell him what she thinks.

However, there is something about her that stirs his blood  . . . which makes her perfect for a bargain he has in mind: In exchange for backing her play, he wants Sarah to teach him about love.

And he, in turn, has a few things to teach her about men  . . .


A date at the altar is a good book. I am not able to say that I loved it, but it was a satisfying read. I loved how the author managed to fulfill the prophecy without killing anyone. I am glad everyone was happy in the end and how things fell into place. As someone how has followed the series I was happy to see Gavin getting his happily ever after and having what he wanted. I was a little surprised when Gavin revealed something that was completely unexpected for me and is not something I see often. I wanted to read Gavin's story from the moment I read "The Match of the Century" and I believe the author did a great work telling us his story. 

I don't know why I didn't love the book. I liked it well enough, but something didn't click for me. I felt weird about not knowing Sarah's age because she is Charlene's aunt. Gavin was a tremendous growth as a character and  I liked how he left his ideas about how a duke should be behind and became the perfect man for Sarah. He treated her with more respect one might have expected in their situation. He is definitely a romantic. Sarah is a strong and as independent woman as she can be even if she struggles a little bit. 

I wanted to find out what happened to the owners of the theater where Sarah worked, but they were forgotten in the end.  I don't mind, but I hope justice was served. I  wanted an epilogue where all couples were gathered together, but I was ok with the ending and I almost shed a couple of tears.

New York Times Bestselling Author, Cathy Maxwell spends hours in front of her computer pondering the question, “Why do people fall in love?” It remains for her the great mystery of life and the secret to happiness. She lives in beautiful Virginia with children, horses, dogs, and cats.

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