Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: Good Earl Gone Bad (Lords of Anarchy #2) by Manda Collins

rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Publication Date: October 6, 2015



Marriage? To a gambler? You must be joking! Yet Lady Hermione Upperton has never backed down from a challenge. When her spendthrift father offers her at the gaming tables, she is given a difficult choice—wed the Earl of Mainwaring, an infamous gamester with no respect for her skills with the reins, or face charges for the murder of a member of the infamous Lords of Anarchy. Either way she’ll have to clear her name. Can she count on her husband’s help the way she has begun to count on his kisses?


All Jasper Fawley, the Earl of Mainwaring, wanted was a night of cards. But by the end of the evening he’s walked away with a fortune—and a bride who’s suspected of murder. Jasper knows Hermione is passionate about her unorthodox membership in the Lords of Anarchy, but he’s certain she would never kill to keep it. Can he protect his headstrong wife from prosecution and a ruthless killer without endangering both their hearts in the process?


Good Earl gone bad
Book two, action
When I wrote these two lines I was hearing them in my mind with the music a song by Rihanna called Umbrella. I swear every time I read or think of this book's title I remember this song and if I had a little more inspiration this review would be like the lyrics of a song.

Good Earl Gone Bad is the second book in the Lords of Anarchy series and it's the story of Jasper and Hermione. I think this is the part where I say that we met them in the previous book, but I haven't read A Good Rake is Hard to Find yet. I am hanging my head in shame because I thought that I had read all the books Manda Collins ad published, but I was wrong, I didn't even know that AGRIHTF excited and now I have added one more book to my to read list. When I requested this title from NetGalley I had no idea that this is a follow up of another book. But the magic of a stand alone story worked almost perfectly and I was able to read this book without any problems. I feel like my reading experience would have been a little better if I had read the first book, but there is no need for someone to read AGRIHTF to fully enjoy Good Earl Gone Bad.

What I liked about this book is that while there is a deep connection between Hermione and Jasper their love isn't insta-love or insta-lust. I liked how Hermione kept saying that she didn't know Jasper completely and wanted to know more about him after their marriage.

I hope that some parts of the story will appear in the third book, just to give a little closure. It's not anything important, but I would still like to see them end like for example Lord Uppertown's fate.

The book is good, but not Collins's best work so far. I read fast, but the first half of the book took me too long to read and it actually felt like eons. It covers the part where they find the body, we meet the characters and Jasper proposes to Hermione. The pace was moving slower than a snail. The book's set up was actually good, but the executing didn't work very well. The couple for the next book is the one I expected it to be and I will happily read their story.