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Review: Sugar Daddy (Travises, #1) by Lisa Kleypas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publication Date: March 6th 2007


Lisa Kleypas has enthralled millions of readers with her powerfully seductive novels. Now she delivers a story featuring her most unforgettable characters yet...

Liberty Jones has dreams and determination that will take her far away from Welcome, Texas—if she can keep her wild heart from ruling her mind. Hardy Cates sees Liberty as completely off-limits. His own ambitions are bigger than Welcome, and Liberty Jones is a complication he doesn't need. But something magical and potent draws them to each other, in a dangerous attraction that is stronger than both of them. 

When Hardy leaves town to pursue his plans, Liberty finds herself alone with a young sister to raise. Soon Liberty finds herself under the spell of a billionaire tycoon—a Sugar Daddy, one might say. But the relationship goes deeper than people think, and Liberty begins to discover secrets about her own family's past. 

Two men. One woman. A choice that can make her or break her. A woman you'll root for every step of the way. A love story you'll never forget.


You know that the ending is coming when you give a three star rating to one of your favorite authors. I adore Lisa Kleypas's historical novels and I thought it would be the same for the contemporary one.

From the blurb, it's obvious that there will be a love triangle, but I expected that this author would have handled it in a better way that somehow wouldn't bother me. Well...., I was wrong. The triangle-ish situation is happening to a small fraction of the book and it was awfully handled. I just wanted to smack Liberty and make her see things clearly. I am not happy with this love triangle. I find it completely unnecessary. The blurb doesn't mention Gabe which is completely wrong for me.

Actually the whole blurb is a mistake for me. It is focusing too much on Liberty and Hardy when Hardy is not even the main focus. I would have preferred the mention of Liberty's past in the blurb. More than half of the story in this book was happening in the past. It starts when Liberty is around 14 and ends when Liberty is 24. I found that a little tiring and I had to stop the book for a couple of days. The secrets from the family past aren't that big of a deal for me. The author prepares the reader for them from early on. After the events in the last chapters I am not sure what to think of Hardy. I am not sure I even like him. I wonder how I will feel when I see him in the next books.

The romance between Liberty and Gage is too short and I didn't have the time to be convinced that they were good together. I believe more in the relationship Gage and Carrington had than Liberty's with him. I still have the feeling that Liberty is Carrington's mother rather than Diana. She seemed to take care of her more than anyone.

Honestly, I never though that I could be disappointed by Lisa Kleypas, but you know what they say, there is a first time for everything. I will start Blue eyed devil and hope for the best. I don't want to be disappointed again. Hopefully the next book will have more romance and less nonsense.

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