Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: Lust (Stay With Me #1) by Emily Jane Trent

Rating: 3/5 stars
Publication Date: March 8th, 2015


Stephano knows the gorgeous woman he just met is trouble! But he cannot resist Kyra.
Stephano Rinaldi sees beautiful women all the time as a fashion photographer. But the wealthy hero cannot lose the chance to get to know Kyra better, even though they have only a couple of days together.
˃˃˃ Kyra mistrusts men and sees no reason the sexy photographer should be any different.
Kyra Walsh is swept off her feet by charming Stephano in this steamy love story. She should turn away, but a taste of him is addictive. One hot interlude leads to another. Each time the sex is hotter than before. Yet she knows there is no future for them.
“It wasn’t just that Stephano was handsome. It was those copper-brown eyes rimmed in dark blue, and the way he looked at her. It was as though Stephano could see into her heart, and knew how she felt, though she did her best to hide it. Kyra wasn’t right for him. Or for any man, really. Casual dating was one thing. A serious relationship was another. And with Stephano, casual was impossible. He stirred feelings that Kyra was ill-equipped to handle. If she didn’t watch it, things would get messy.”
Kyra can’t seem to find the right guy. In the past, she has been abused. Her best friend introduces her to a heartthrob billionaire bachelor at a fashion show in Zurich. There is every reason they shouldn’t be together, but the attraction is too strong. When Kyra’s past threatens to ruin their relationship before it has even started, Stephano vows to save her.
˃˃˃ Series Description:
Kyra’s Story is a sensual romance series consisting of 4 erotic thriller novels:
“Stay With Me” - Book 1: Lust /Book 2: Secrets/Book 3: Betrayal/Book 4: Confessions
Kyra Walsh was Leah Ivers best friend in the Gianni and Leah seductive romance series. Now you can read about her love story with Stephano Rinaldi in the steamy, suspenseful romance “Stay With Me.”
Genre: romantic suspense, erotic thriller novels, steamy new adult romance


In Lust we meet Stephano and Kyra. The story is mostly about how they meet and how their relationship develops. For some reason I couldn't get that click that would make all the pieces fall into place in my mind and I would connect to the story and the characters. For me, Kyra and Stephano don't click together. It fell off for a reason. Despite their attraction and sudden development of feeling, I couldn't believe that these two people are meant to be together. I truly hope that in Secrets I will be able to connect with the characters. I was sort of right about how the story would end, which didn't help with the book's case. After the events in the last chapter I hope we will see more action and something more than the relationship of Kyra and Stephano. I am curious about Kyra's past and that's one of the two reasons I will read the next book (the other being the fact that I have been given the whole series for a review).