Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weak Without Him (Weakness, #2) by Lyra Parish

Release Date: April 2 2014
Rating: 4/5 stars


"Love is an emotion that will destroy you if you let it. It can ruin your life or create a new one. Jealousy isn't much different."

Jennifer Downs treads in dangerous waters.
Finnley Felton is unaware.
With the help of Lady Luck, they will make it through. 
Or will they? 

Texas is nothing compared to Vegas but among the bright lights and busy streets, Jennifer discovers who she is. Her life has changed, and for better or worse, she continues to live like tomorrow will never come. 

Sabotage. Hatred. Betrayal.

Although love is beautiful and kind, it comes with consequences.

Jennifer finds herself fighting. Fighting for her rights, for love, for Finnley, and for her life. 

Hearts may be broken. 
Lives will change.
But the ultimate question remains: can love win all?


Mixed feelings for this one. I was really pissed at Jennifer because she was always running away instead of trying to work things out with Finnley. That frustration was forgotten when things got really bad and I only remembered it later when I was writing the review. Finnley and Jennifer have a very powerful enemy who has some really strong motives and won't hesitate to do anything.

To say that Jennifer's future wasn't looking good is an understatement. Their enemy is crazy and powerful which is not a great combination, but it guarantees that the story will keep the reader's interest. Luke should get his own story, even though I lost some of my warm feelings for him during this story. He tried to be altruistic, but to me it seemed as if he decided you keep the truth to himself for his own selfish reasons. He should have said something to Finnley because he was miserable.