Sunday, March 2, 2014

An Exceptional Twist (Intertwined Hearts #2) by Kimi Flores

Rating: 4/5 stars
Publication Date: January 28 2014

~ Book 2 in a series but can be read as a stand alone ~
What’s a girl to do when the one person she’s been forewarned about is the only one that her heart desires? 

Leah Valdez is a sassy, intelligent, hard-working woman whose beauty shines from both inside and out. Friends and family have always come first, but it's time for her to start thinking about her own future. 

Stefen Hunter is a rich, charming, sexy playboy. With seemingly no effort on his part, countless women flock to him. That is, until he meets Leah. He can’t understand why it’s so difficult to win her over or what it is about her that intrigues him so much. 

When an unfortunate event intertwines their lives, Leah finds herself in a war between her thoughts and desires. To forgive, and ultimately trust, Stefen, she will have to put her heart on the line. After what he’s put her through, she’s not sure she’s willing to do that. 

As compassion meets resistance, will Stefen be able to step out of his comfort zone and accept that he can become the redeemed man worthy of Leah’s love? Is Stefen and Leah’s connection strong enough to withstand An Exceptional Twist?

*Contains mature language & adult situations*


Stefen and Leah were not on the same page for most of the book. If they were reading a book, then Leah would have been ahead of Stefen and he wouldn't be able to give her everything she was asking. Then she gives up the book and decides to read another book and Stefen gets the lead. He keeps reading the same book and she tries to convince herself that the other book is satisfying. When she finally realizes how awful the other book was she abandons it and continued to read the first book. Finally Stefen and Leah got on the same page and finished the book together. I know that that little story is silly, but that's how I saw the whole book. 

The only thing you have to do is replace the word book with the word relationship and use your imagination a bit and you got the story.

Despite the fact that I haven't read the first book yet (It All Started With a Lima Bean) I loved seeing Abby Caleb's life after they found out their HEA. I am super excited about Dani and Zachary's story as well as for Brianna and Josh's. There was a little glimpse about what is happening between the two couples and I am curious about what Kimi Flores has up for them.

I enjoyed the story and I only have one complaint. I don't know Spanish ok, maybe I know a couple of words, but not enough to understand what Leah's family was saying sometimes. I ended up reading something that I couldn't understand. To be fair to the author the Spanish sentences were a few and the reading experience wasn't tainted. Sometimes it was easy to make out what they were saying and some words are a bit explicit. It's nice to know that Greek and Spanish have some very similar words... That was the only problem I had with the book, so I would recommend the book without hesitation.


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