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Tyler & Stella (Tattoo Thief #2) by Heidi Joy Tretheway

Publication Date: February 20 2014
Rating: 3/5 stars


Stella Ramsey always says bad boys can’t break your heart. They don’t call, don’t cuddle and don’t send flowers—but what do you expect? For Stella, no strings means no regrets.
When the biggest story of her fledgling career as a music journalist nearly ruins her relationship with her best friend, Stella has one chance to redeem herself. Tyler Walsh could be that chance.
Stella promises the bassist for the rock band Tattoo Thief anything in exchange for behind-the-scenes access. But Tyler doesn’t want anything. He wants everything—and that’s more than Stella is prepared to give.
When Tyler’s explosive secret thrusts Stella into the media spotlight, she must choose between the selling the story and telling the truth—and exposing the truth about herself as well.
Tyler & Stella (Tattoo Thief #2) is a sizzling story of lust, lies, and sacrifice, revealing how much love can forgive.


It's not going to be a favorite of mine. After reading it and having some time to process everything I can say that it was not as bad as I thought it was when I finished it. I even changed my original two star rating to a three.

Two things made me dislike the book and if you are fine with them when you will probably like the book. The first is a big NO from me and I am always disappointed when it happens. What is it? A betrayal of a friend. If that friend is your best friend that you are on my black list for at least a while. Stella betrays Beryl by making public something very personal known to the whole world to bust up her career. She was lucky Beryl was so forgiving.

The second thing was Stella's drinking problem. I would have liked a warning that Stella was one step from becoming a serious alcoholic. She was downing tequila shots like it was water and while the others had finished one glass of their drink she was already semi drunk. To get courage you drink one shot not 5. That girl must need a new liver by now. She should be grateful that Tyler helped her.

As you probably already got I didn't like Stella. Tyler seemed ok most of the time. I wanted to see what was on his mind, but the story is only being told form Stella's point of view. How frustrating was that!

Author Bio:

Heidi Joy lives in Happy Valley off Sunnyside Road. She swears she did not make that up.
Heidi’s obsessed with storytelling. Her career includes marketing, journalism, and a delicious few years as a food columnist. Media passes took her backstage with several rock bands, where she learned that sometimes a wardrobe malfunction is exactly what the rock star intends.
You’ll most often find Heidi Joy with her husband and two small kids cooking, fishing, exploring the Northwest, and building epic forts in their living room.
She loves to hear from readers via messages at


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