Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Prayer Unlock a Life Full of Miracles, Unconditional Love and Answered Prayers by Jacqueline von Zwehl

Rating 4/5 stars
Pub. Date October 28 2013


The Prayer is the inspirational true story of one woman who discovers an extraordinary secret to living a life filled with miracles, unconditional love, and answered prayers. The author's journey begins with a divine promise, continues with the struggle of unforeseen life challenges, and eventually leads her to Jerusalem. Inside the Old City, a prayer will unlock the key to a life full of miracles.

This journey is proof heaven is real and its gifts are available to you now. Whether You believe in God or not, God believes in You. This journey promises everyone, no matter how much darkness exists in your life, it cannot diminish the flicker of even the tiniest light. That light will lead you to your destiny and it will change your life forever. 


Jacqueline von Zwehl writes a true story about her life. It's not a biography because the author chose to write about her relationship with God. In this book we say her losing her faith and gaining it back. Her journey is not easy but she makes it through. In the beginning I was confused because there was a mention or two about Allah but the author seemed to be and is a Christian.

I am not sure if I believe 100% her story because I lost faith and she seemed so devoted to God. You have to believe in miracles to read this. The story on how she met her husband was sweet and I wish them to grow old together. I wonder what happened to Chris's first daughter because not much information was given. The first half was difficult for me to read. The author had depression and she was alone and then a revelation about her friend came and things got bad

Did the book made me wanna pray or star believe in God? No. It made me though see that some people still believe in God and pray not because someone they love is in danger but because they want to. In every page the author was praying or thinking of God which was weird for me. The point of this book is that God is always there for you. You just have to let Him in.