Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Scandalous Plan by Donna Lea Simpson

Rating 4/5 stars
Pub. Date May 29th 2013


Strong-willed and intelligent, Lady Theresa is tired of spending her days listening to the gossipy village spinsters talk about the mysterious gentleman who just moved into the village. Known to be headstrong, and happily unattached, she takes it upon herself to call on the new resident and find out if the awful rumors about his family are true.

The Honourable Mr. Martindale welcomes life as a recluse. A widower, he’s made his fortune and now hopes to dedicate his time to working the land and raising his two young children—free of interference from the locals. When Lady Theresa comes marching up to his door, it’s the last thing Martindale wants, a husband hunter who thinks she can tell him how to raise his children and, worse, how he should comport himself.

Yet before long Lady Theresa has worked her way into Martindale’s quiet life and hatched an outrageous plan to win the village’s approval for both the man and his unusual children. But what she fails to see is how badly the plan could backfire, or how it could jeopardize her own place in a family she has come to cherish—and in the heart of the man she has come to love.

This novella was originally published under the title “A Father’s Love" in the anthology A Match for Papa .

My Review

If it wasn't for the cover I could forget that the characters weren't living in 2013. I would have liked an authors note where the author was revealing what Jacob had. A short story and a pleasant way to spend a summer evening while you are between two books. The plan wasn't so scandalous for our time but in regency times almost everything could be called that.