Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eyes wide open (The Blackstone affair #3) by Raine Miller

Rating 5/5 stars
Pub. Date May 14 2013

*It might get a little spoilerly down there*

Admit it. Ethan is one of the reasons you read the books. Aside from some typical male mistakes (you don't mention obligation when you propose! you mention love!!)In eyes wide open I liked him more than I did in the previous two put together. I can see why people say it's the best of the three and I agree with them.

The story is told from two point of views (Ethan and Brynne's). I prefer the 2 POV because it is easier to see what the characters are thinking. I was wondering who was going to tell us the next part of the story and I was happy when I saw that both them were. The prologue was very interesting and it's the only part that we see from a different POV (it's the person who threatens Brynne).

I think Miller left a little clues for the reader to find out what is going to happen before she revealed them herself. An example for you: Brynne says that she does something every morning, which we didn't knew before, and it's related to the reason she got sick in the end of All in.

I enjoyed the book and especially the epilogue (I have a thing for them, what can I do?). I would like to see the stories of other characters from the books.