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Veiled Shadows (The Age of Alandria Book 2) by Morgan Wylie

Rating 4/5 stars
Publication Date October 1st, 2013


Shadows linger where light is obstructed, and truth is veiled. 

Evil is an untreated disease in the once beautiful realm of Alandria.

Kaeleigh is faced with a revelation that she must reconcile. She will decide if discovering the truth is worth the unknown consequences to both herself and her friends.

Daegan, the Ferrishyn warrior, is conflicted by more than his loyalties, and is confronted with emotions he doesn’t know how to deal with. A choice must be made. A choice… that may cost him more than he ever wanted to give.

The Droch-Shúil—enforcers and servants of the ancient darkness—continue to cast their shadow over Alandria seeking those who can be turned to their side. 

The magic of The Orchids is growing, but not everyone will survive what is to come.Veiled Shadows is the second installment in The Age of Alandria series: the story of the Sol-lumieth’s quest for freedom of self and the power to battle the evil of the Droch-Shúil.


I had been expecting this book from the moment I finished the last one. But I was a little disappointed when I finished Veiled Shadows. This book seemed more like theory than anything else. Things got stale. OK we found out more about who and what is and what is really happening in Alandria but I wanted some action, something a little more kick-ass than that. The characters are preparing for a battle against evil. I am hoping to see that battle soon. 

I keep disliking Finn more and more with every passing page. I think that he is hiding something. Daegan on the other hand seems to keep getting better and better. As for Kaeleigh I will only say that if she starts being torn between 2 males she is going to make me hate her and I really don't want to. I liked her in silent orchids.

The sort of triangle is getting on my nerves. If it exists only because most of the YA books have a triangle than I would be really disappointed... I want it to have a reason.

I am hoping the next book to be the last because Alandria needs to find peace and the bad ones must face justice. Hopefully the next book will give me what I want.


Excerpt from Chapter Nine

In the fortress, there was a library set at the end of one of the wings. It wasn’t large, but it was the most comfortably decorated room. It was named the library only for the limited amount of leather-bound books that were barely held together along with a pile of scrolls containing the histories of the territory of Feraánmar. Warmth was coming from a large smooth stone fireplace set against one of the walls. Sitting in the high winged-back chairs in front of the fire, Wren sipped from a large silver goblet, staring in silence. In the other, Rheina sat sideways with her legs dangling off the arm. In her hands she held a tablet on which she appeared to sketch something. Only it didn’t look like much other than angry dark lines surrounded by various shading. She would pause, look bored, then go back to her tablet. Halister leaned casually, feet crossed at his ankles, against the wall next to the window, looking out at the gardens. He was thoughtful, yet something in his demeanor seemed tense in anticipation.

The door flung open. Wren and Hal turned to see who had entered while Rheina appeared to care very little. Maleina strolled in, taking in her surroundings.

“Come join us, dear.” Wren smiled warmly offering his chair to Maleina, who walked past him.
Without pleasantries she announced, “I am concerned about our Daegan. I had sent him out in search of a human and he has not yet returned home. I fear he may have encountered some trouble along the way.”
She walked over closer to Hal and as she approached, he saw something cunning in her eyes. “Yes, it has been quit some time, Mother.”
“I am sending out a search party to find him and escort him along with the human, assuming he found it, home. Halister, I would like you to head up the mission in finding him. You know him best and the routes he would take. The riders will be ready and waiting for you at first light.”
“Yes, Mother.” Halister bowed his head then stood a little taller, filled with purpose and hope for the possibility for adventure.


Rheina leaned against a wall in a dark space near the back of the stables, a place she had grown quite familiar with in recent days. Taking in a deep breath, she felt oddly peaceful amongst the animals in the stable, and the smells didn’t bother her at all. She knew it was time and she knew who she needed to talk to.
“Rheina,” a voice whispered not too far from where she was. “Where are you?”
“I’m here, Hal.”

She moved slowly out of the shadows. Rheina knew what he would see; her brother was more observant than he let on. She hadn’t been sleeping lately and there were dark circles under eyes. The dreams, or the visions, she had been having just wouldn’t leave her alone. It was time to tell him.

A beam of moonlight hit her from a crack in the wall and illuminated her. Hal searched her face slowly, taking in what he saw, but didn’t react. She loved that about him.
“Going for an evening ride, sis? You know I don’t like to ride in the dark,” he asked, knowing she didn’t really want him to go for a ride. “You know, I meant to ask you about the guy you were talking to at your party the other night.” Hal waggled his eyebrows at her playfully. “Who was he, Rheina? I haven’t seen him in Feraánmar before.”

Casually she replied, “He was no one.” At Hal’s raised eyebrow, she relented. “Fine. He is from somewhere else—that is all I will say on that matter so don’t push me. His name is Valus and he is necessary.”
She stared at him directly, daring him to say anything further, but all he did was nod. Rheina’s eyes softened, but her direct gaze did not. “There are things you need to know. I’m having dreams—nightmares really—of the battles of the past and thoughts and visions of things I know are yet to come.” Rheina paused, searching her brother’s face and eyes for disbelief or judgment. When none was found, she took a deep breath and continued, “I don’t understand it all. Most of it doesn’t make sense to me until it plays out right before me just as I saw it. Anyway, I need to give you a warning: there is evil here and I see more hidden in the shadows of mountains… but it is coming.”
Author Bio:
Morgan Wylie, originally from the Pacific Northwest, now resides near Nashville, TN with her husband and daughter. She and her husband work everyday at their individual and combined creative pursuits while she learns to balance being “Mama”, wife, and mediator to the many voices and muses constantly chattering in her head.
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